HEMAPRO: Pills and ointments to heal from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease nowadays, and about 20% of the world population suffers because of it, with peaks in developed countries. The causes of this disease are varied, and range from poor diet to a sedentary lifestyle, but they can also be related to the practice of staying for a long time in an upright position or standing.

Even some unusual sports such as lifting weights or horse-riding can cause hemorrhoids, and some women suffer from it in the post-partum period. The number one cause of hemorrhoids is constipation: the difficult evacuation induces hemorrhoid sufferers to irritate the bearings and gives life to their inflammation and consequent escape from home.

Top tips: how to treat hemorrhoids

Trattamento emorroidi

The hemorrhoids are naturally present in the human body; they are bearings located in the anal rectum area. Their function is primarily the containment and they are also responsible for facilitating the evacuation, so play very important action in the human body.

For various reasons, these areas so rich in blood may show an enlarged and irritation of vein walls and finally catch up to go out from their natural place. This is referred to hemorrhoidal disease called in jargon “hemorrhoid“.

There are many products and techniques dedicated to the treatment of hemorrhoids, some of them are of pharmacological origin, other nature-related and remedies of the past, and a number of treatments that are executed when the hemorrhoids reach important stages and no other previous treatments gave good results.

Second Degree Hemorrhoids


Rectum, in the anal area, is rich in vascularized bearings, which are called hemorrhoids and that have the function to contain liquids, gases and solids and also to assist the evacuation processes with their elastic presence. For various reasons, these areas may ignite and result in an enlargement of their walls, resulting in leakage from home.

This is the hemorrhoidal disease, commonly called hemorrhoids by the name of the zone itself. The hemorrhoids are crossed by many veins, so their enlargement can be accompanied also in cases of bleeding and prolapse, when leaving the original site. Doctors have divided the problem of hemorrhoids in four basic stages, which describe the different severity of the problem. It starts from stage I, the less problematic, until they reach the stage IV, the most painful, dangerous and full of problems.

Hemorrhoids, what to do: lots of useful tips to cure them


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects about 20% of the world population. Unbelievable, right? And yet the datas speak for themselves, and many people around the world suffer from this disorder, not counting all those who suffer silently, ie do not communicate it to their doctor because they feel a certain embarrassment.

If you find out that you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is very important to face the problem, because it could escalate and lead the body to be debilitated but also worse in practical terms, to take the most important skin and invasive. Hemorrhoids are the swelling and irritation of the vascular walls of the same hemorrhoids, bearings that are on the recto-anal area.

How to improve Hemorrhoids Diet


Wrong nutrition is one of the causes of the onset of hemorrhoids, but can also be used as an excellent care for their healing. Feeding correctly, and paying attention to the foods, the problem may disappear faster so the physical can regenerate itself more actively and quickly.

In light of these considerations, we see a suitable diet plan to defeat hemorrhoids, preferable during the suffering and to replicate whenever occur episodes of constipation, which could overload the body and thus lead to the appearance of the problem in the most delicate subjects and prepared.

Cryotherapy for hemorrhoids: a guide to surgery


When hemorrhoids reach to important stages, from the second one to up, it is desirable to implement an intervention that allows to solve the problem at its root. It is cryotherapy, a method that uses the cold to cure this inflamed area.

Cryotherapy for Hemorrhoids can be implemented both in hospitals and in private clinics and outpatient surgery; it is widely practiced in many countries of the world. Cold therapy is often used to bring a final solution to the problem, when topical and oral remedies have not given the desired results.

Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids

emorroidi rimedi

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids do not dare to relate to their doctor, as they feel embarrassed to tell someone about their problem. But hemorrhoids are asking to be treated in an appropriate way, both to relieve pain and to prevent future complications.

The nature and the experience of our ancestors offer natural and homemade alternatives to cure hemorrhoids easily. Then we discover together what are home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids: What are the different stages?

Stadi emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are the bearings rich in blood and nerve endings that are located near the anus. For many reasons, this area may become irritated, creating the hemorrhoidal disease, which in common speech is referred to as hemorrhoids. It is a troublesome and painful phenomenon, which has been divided into several stages by the scientific community. In particular, there are four different grades of the disease, starting from the most mild, the first, ending with the most problematic, the fourth. Let’s see what are the different stages of hemorrhoids and what are their characteristics.

The first stage of hemorrhoids is the lightest one and is manifested by burning and itching diffused, but without prolapse, or the leakage of hemorrhoids from their seat. In this stage the hemorrhoids are not visible and one of the main symptoms of their irritation is the area affected bleeding.

What are the main treatments for Hemorrhoids?

Alimentazione scorretta

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem among the world population. There are several causes related to their occurrence, which range from poor diet to chronic constipation, the practice of staying a long time sitting up to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. It is an irritation that affects the hemorrhoids, bearing many rich blood and nerve endings that are located near the anus.

The function of hemorrhoids is containment of faeces and gas, but also on the blood inflow, then the irritation of the door to feel a very sharp pain and, in sensitive cases, involves difficulty in movement, even in the most simple and common.

How important is exercise when you have hemorrhoids?

Attività fisica

Hemorrhoids are a common problem, which is recorded in a good portion of the world population. The causes of this problem lie in wrong diet, in obstinate constipation, but also in the wrong physical habits, such as being a long time sitting. Not infrequently, those who carry out work of this type may suffer from hemorrhoids, as the affected area is stressed or compressed and then ignites to form the painful physical manifestation.

How can we overcome this problem?

Physical activity helps to prevent hemorrhoids from two points of view. The first concerns the general movement of the body, which allows you to stretch your muscles and then to take positive action on this part of the body, but it is important to consider that sport and physical practice also help to improve digestion and strengthen the entire digestive tract.

All the symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Sintomi emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world. Causes are various and range from an incorrect diet to the habit to remain a long time in the same position, from obstinate constipation up to external causes related to post pregnancy and also to certain sports. But which are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? It is a problem that affects bearings that are positioned near the anus, which swell to several causes and begin to cause severe itching and even a widespread pain.

Science has divided hemorrhoids in four different stages, depending on their severity, but the symptoms will undoubtedly begin with severe itching of the affected area and an intense burning sensation. If hemorrhoids do not protrude from their place, the pain may be present during evacuation, but in case of prolapse is a very widespread pain, which does not allow to sit nor to move in peace .