How important is exercise when you have hemorrhoids?

Attività fisica

Hemorrhoids are a common problem, which is recorded in a good portion of the world population. The causes of this problem lie in wrong diet, in obstinate constipation, but also in the wrong physical habits, such as being a long time sitting. Not infrequently, those who carry out work of this type may suffer from hemorrhoids, as the affected area is stressed or compressed and then ignites to form the painful physical manifestation.

How can we overcome this problem?

Physical activity helps to prevent hemorrhoids from two points of view. The first concerns the general movement of the body, which allows you to stretch your muscles and then to take positive action on this part of the body, but it is important to consider that sport and physical practice also help to improve digestion and strengthen the entire digestive tract.

Hemorrhoid sufferers is often affected by phenomena of poor digestion and obstinate constipation, then the right move can help this area and can also help to handle the metabolism, making it more active and lively. The right physical activity is a mix of aerobics and stretching. The best choice is to rely on run or walk and intersperse these disciplines with yoga or pilates, practices that considerably strengthen the internal organs, ensuring an excellent overall health. At the same time, they are ideal all water sports, from swimming to the water aqua bike, while it is important to leave the sport too strenuous or irritants such as body building and also horse riding.

Sports help preventing and even to defeat hemorrhoids, especially if it is implemented with the right calmness and stretching the body. The benefit extends, in fact, even at the mental level, because often the fear of having the door hemorrhoids people to withdraw into a shell and therefore not to engage in physical activities for fear of occurrence of irritation. Creating a consistent and positive physical activity throughout the body can awaken, and mind can relax, discovering a positivity capable of defeating hemorrhoids.

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