Internal hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids: What Are them?

emorroidi interneInternal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids sit inside the anal canal, and which therefore do not prolapse outside. Usually internal hemorrhoids are not accompanied by pain, since the anal canal is free of nerve endings.

However, it is annoying to come into contact with them, and internal hemorrhoids can be a prelude to the prolapse, which is a very painful and annoying events.

The main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids must be found in the anal bleeding during bowel movements, or in blood residue on toilet paper and on the lingerie. Internal hemorrhoids are often associated to anal leakage of mucus, which comes into contact with the delicate skin of the anus and irritates procuring itching and burning of the time spread.

Other symptoms that accompany internal hemorrhoids are sense of exhaustion, and even lack of balance, which must be sought in the loss of minerals that occurs in the body and in the imbalance of this particular region of the human body.

The main cause of the appearance of internal hemorrhoids is constipation, as the continuous efforts being made by the anus belly lead to apply pressure, that goes to swell the hemorrhoids vein walls, and then let them swell inside the anus.

Another common cause of the appearance of internal hemorrhoids is pregnancy, since the increase of the weight of the fetus pushing the belly on rectal veins leads to swell them. Internal hemorrhoids may also arise as a result of a poor diet and an incorrect lifestyle, based on too much fatty food, or as a result of alcohol and exciting drinks abuse such as coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks.

Even people who are forced to remain sitting or standing for too long during the day may experience hemorrhoids, because they go out too hard to urge the anal region. Since this is a first stage manifestation, this type of hemorrhoids can be treated with mild remedies and correcting eating habits and the wrong lifestyle.

Only by purifying the body in the right way you can heal quickly from haemorrhoids, heal the affected area and then enjoy a good level of comfort. Diet must therefore vary, primarily to calm the body and secondly to prevent the problem from appear again in the future. The daily diet should introduce a large amount of natural fresh water at room temperature and incorporate a lot of fiber, at least 50 grams per day, which avoid the intestinal transit block and constipation phenomena.

All these must be accompanied by the habit of consuming fruit and vegetables, both cooked and raw, and choose light cooking and respectful of foods methods, such as steam or plate. These are certain rules that allow to heal quickly from internal hemorrhoids, a problem that at this stage can be solved easily and quickly. It is a different situation with the external hemorrhoids.

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