Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids

emorroidi rimedi

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids do not dare to relate to their doctor, as they feel embarrassed to tell someone about their problem. But hemorrhoids are asking to be treated in an appropriate way, both to relieve pain and to prevent future complications.

The nature and the experience of our ancestors offer natural and homemade alternatives to cure hemorrhoids easily. Then we discover together what are home remedies for hemorrhoids.

First of all it is beneficial to do washing with warm water and mild soap. Some advise the acid soap, but choose a neutral product, ie with equal pH to that of our body, is revealed as the ideal solution, as they do not occur whatsoever irritation and the body can regenerate in an appropriate way. The water used for washing must always be lukewarm, neither too hot nor ice.

The hot water was used in the cases of external hemorrhoids, but this is a risk, as it may ignite the treated areas. To avoid, at all, cold or even frozen water, because it gives an ephemeral benefit to pain and burning, since locally numbs the treated area, but then it turns out weaker and prone to irritation.

Wash the area with with mild soap; home remedies can help you, there remedies were once used because there was not all the availability of drugs and preparations that can be found today. In particular, a widely use of home remedy was to petroleum jelly, to be preferred in the natural version. The vaseline can be smeared on the toilet paper and then applied in the area to be treated, to protect the area and allow the wound heals faster.

Vaseline can also be added with egg whites, honey and barley flour to create a softening compound to be applied on the treated area, and then left here for some time. Even the mashed potatoes can be used in the same way, or the boiled potatoes, once cool and then applied for a bit of time on the area. Due to the high starch content, potatoes dry and soothe the irritated area in a natural way. Potatoes also contain many important minerals, which help to rebalance the body at this sensitive time, especially if the hemorrhoids are prone to bleeding.

Another very effective home remedy is based on the assumption of the vinegar of apples, which can be consumed orally, then diluted in the amount of a spoon every glass of water and taken after meals. The apple vinegar disinfects gently and implement a positive astringent. For this reason you can put on a bit of wet cotton wool a few drops of apple cider vinegar and then gently rub the affected area.

Remember that our grandmothers used herbs and employed in a massive way to treat health problems. Herbs then become natural allies of home remedies and you can take them both in the form of ointments both preparations required herbalist trust. In particular, hemorrhoids can be treated with capsules, ointments and even herbal teas and basic horse chestnut, calendula, butcher’s broom and witch hazel, all plants and substances that help torched the area and offer repair for the venous walls subjected to inflammation.

The most effective home remedy always remains, in any case, the food, or the recruitment of specific and targeted food to solve the problem. Homemade diet against hemorrhoids can count many fibers and natural water, which help digestion and counteract constipation. Consume a lot of red fruit and also take red vine extracts; it helps to protect the walls of the veins, and then to heal the inflammation more quickly and naturally.

A light diet, based on a large consumption of foods rich in minerals aims suitable, especially if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. It therefore becomes important to feed with green leaves vegetables, asparagus and fruits that contain targeted iron and that then allow it to better withstand the possible energy deficiencies that occur during the cure of hemorrhoids.

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