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Top tips: how to treat hemorrhoids

Trattamento emorroidi

The hemorrhoids are naturally present in the human body; they are bearings located in the anal rectum area. Their function is primarily the containment and they are also responsible for facilitating the evacuation, so play very important action in the human body.

For various reasons, these areas so rich in blood may show an enlarged and irritation of vein walls and finally catch up to go out from their natural place. This is referred to hemorrhoidal disease called in jargon “hemorrhoid“.

There are many products and techniques dedicated to the treatment of hemorrhoids, some of them are of pharmacological origin, other nature-related and remedies of the past, and a number of treatments that are executed when the hemorrhoids reach important stages and no other previous treatments gave good results.

Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids

emorroidi rimedi

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids do not dare to relate to their doctor, as they feel embarrassed to tell someone about their problem. But hemorrhoids are asking to be treated in an appropriate way, both to relieve pain and to prevent future complications.

The nature and the experience of our ancestors offer natural and homemade alternatives to cure hemorrhoids easily. Then we discover together what are home remedies for hemorrhoids.

What are the main treatments for Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a very common problem among the world population. There are several causes related to their occurrence, which range from poor diet to chronic constipation, the practice of staying a long time sitting up to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. It is an irritation that affects the hemorrhoids, bearing many rich blood and nerve endings that are located near the anus.

The function of hemorrhoids is containment of faeces and gas, but also on the blood inflow, then the irritation of the door to feel a very sharp pain and, in sensitive cases, involves difficulty in movement, even in the most simple and common.

Which are natural preparations useful for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, which can be effectively countered by adopting a healthy diet and supplementing the nutrition with natural products specially formulated to improve the intestinal transit and strengthen the digestive system. In particular, the nature offers to those suffering from this issue some ingredients, which aim to combat a major cause of the occurrence of the problem, or the obstinate constipation.

In nature it is possible to find out many useful products for this purpose, such as psyllium. It is used from ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine and is extracted from the plant Plantago, very widespread in the northern regions of India. The peel of this miracle of nature consists of pure cellulose, which acts on the intestine, making the stool more spongy and then soft. Psyllium also helps promoting peristalsis, an the automatic process that moves food into the digestive tract, thus facilitating the correct intestinal transit.

How to treat hemorrhoids with herbs and fruits

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Hemorrhoid sufferers can contact their physician, that will be able to recommend a topical relief therapy and propose to change certain habits that make the problem occur.

Those who love natural remedies, however, can choose to treat this painful problem with “old remedies”, and relying on readily available remedies like herbs. Let’s see together what are the most useful natural preparations to resolve this problem:

Hemorrhoid creams: the best ones

creme emorroidi

Among best remedies to cure hemorrhoids we find creams, solutions that must be spread over the treatment area, and which act quickly healing hemorrhoids and relieving symptoms, thereby reducing the burning and itching.

It is possible to find many types of creams for hemorrhoids not the market, and it is important to implement a first distinction between pharmacological nature products and natural ones. So let’s figure out which are the best creams against hemorrhoids, a problem which needs to be treated quickly and effectively to allow the parties to return to lead a normal and peaceful life.

Grandmother’s advices to solve the problem of Hemorrhoids

rimedi della nonna

At one time there were not all drugs and the preparations we have nowadays but hemorrhoids existed… So how did our grandparents cure them? With lots of patience and common sense, using treatments that are now called the “grandmother remedies“.

It is an absolutely natural choices, since at one time people were cured with what they could find in their environment, with flowers, plants and fruit and even with simple methods that were intended to alleviate the problem naturally. So let’s see what are the most effective remedies grandmother to quell the symptoms of hemorrhoids and to treat them in a wise and ancient.

Ointments for hemorrhoids

pomata emorroidi

Among the remedies for hemorrhoids we include ointments, topical treatments that are applied on the areas and which perform a dual action:

– soothing the inflamed area;

– healing the treated area.

Due to the simplicity of application, hemorrhoids ointments are themselves a drug, even if a natural one, and often used by those suffering from this problem, since the topical action gives immediate relief to the irritated areas and active ingredients come directly without waiting for too long.

HEMAPRO: Pills and ointments to heal from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease nowadays, and about 20% of the world population suffers because of it, with peaks in developed countries. The causes of this disease are varied, and range from poor diet to a sedentary lifestyle, but they can also be related to the practice of staying for a long time in an upright position or standing.

Even some unusual sports such as lifting weights or horse-riding can cause hemorrhoids, and some women suffer from it in the post-partum period. The number one cause of hemorrhoids is constipation: the difficult evacuation induces hemorrhoid sufferers to irritate the bearings and gives life to their inflammation and consequent escape from home.