Hemorrhoids Natural Remedies

Resorting to natural remedies

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem, and the remedies to combat them are basically divided into two types.

The first is of pharmacological nature, and has a chemical composition based on celery principles that often sooth pain and itching, soothing the affected zone due to the presence of agents such as, for example, cortisone.

freschezzaThe second type of treatment for hemorrhoids includes the natural remedies, or the natural pharmacological therapies that bind to the herbal medicine, herbalism and holistic care in general, such as the ones provided by Hemapro.

While traditional drug treatments are concerned to quell the problem waiting for healing, natural remedies are working on several fronts, as they seek to rebuild damaged tissue, soothe irritations and thus to get rid of the symptoms such as itching, burning and possible bleeding.

Among the natural holistic remedies source, we also include a targeted diet combined with proper nutritional supplements, which aims to reinvigorate the physical and in particular the venous walls. These cures are rated to fortify the entire capillary system, to make it toned and resistant.

Here is that natural remedies for hemorrhoids can be of topical type, or can be based on the assumption of certain salves, ointments and soothing creams, but may also provide for the intake of food supplements such as bilberry extracts in capsules or in pure juice and other plants that make better circulation, strengthening the vein walls and thus solving the problem at the source. So let’s see what are the best natural remedies to cure hemorrhoids:

piante curativeRed fruits, cranberries, currants, blackberries and grapes, (especially red vine extracts). These are fruits that are used to give lightness to legs and to alleviate the problems associated to varicose veins. Thanks to the flavonoids they contain, the circulation improves, so these natural ingredients are often found as form of supplements and active ingredients, present in ointments and creams refreshing gel.

Calendula. Among the many natural remedies used for the treatment of hemorrhoids we find calendula, a plant chosen for its emollient, regenerating and soothing properties. Calendula is often used as the main ointments, creams and gels ingredient, because it refreshes the hemorrhoids area and regenerates compromised tissue, facilitating the healing process. Due to its natural composition, calendula is used to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant and breast-feeding women, because it is an absolutely no side effects product.

The horse chestnut. The Buckeye seeds have important properties and are able to reduce the activity of enzymes that make hemorrhoids more problematic. Thanks to these features, the horse chestnut is revealed as one of the most effective natural remedies for hemorrhoids and even far-sighted, because it blocks the degeneration. Usually horse chestnut is available in gemmo-derivates or as an ingredient in topical remedies to spread on the treated areas.

essenze di piante curativeWitch hazel. It is a plant with vasoprotective virtues, able to tone the venous walls compromised by hemorrhoidal inflammation. Here it is that the natural remedy aims to protect the treated areas, and also to rebuild damaged tissue, bringing relief and freshness. The astringent action of Witch hazel gives elasticity to tissues and acts naturally invigorating them.

Aloe. Aloe is an easy to grow plant, that can also grow in an house, both in internal and external areas. Its fleshy leaves contain a rich in nutrients agents and soothing gel, perfect for sunburn but also useful in case of hemorrhoids. The gel contains agents that are able to soothe the burning, itching and also to regenerate tissues particularly quickly. Who does not have the real juice of the plant can count on many preparations that include the plant as main or secondary ingredient.

Centella. It is a very used plant, able to reinforce veins walls. This plant helps the correct peripheral circulation and is therefore used to prevent the dilation of the veins. It is used in the hemorrhoids treatment in combination with other plant with the same virtues.

Among the natural remedies to treat hemorrhoids we can also insert homeopathy, which aims to manage the problem in its inner and lighter version. Regarding the first case, homeopathy usually proposes a grainy remedy made from horse chestnut, aloe and arnica, used to counteract the pain, while in the more advanced states, homeopathic science proposes Nux vomica and Sulphur, which undertake either to block the bleeding that heal from prolapse.

Homeopathy and natural remedies for hemorrhoids are also associated with the use of Bach Flowers, in topical version prepared. In particular these are the famous Star of Bethlehem, used to treat shock and trauma. If the hemorrhoids are treated as a consequence of social, environmental and traumatic states, this remedy is preferred, and it is associated with other flowers to quell the problem from a holistic profile.


We can complete the rundown of natural remedies for hemorrhoids with essential oils, which are used in a dual-use. Never forget that good quality essential oils are powerful prepared and dispensed by a professional to get an effective cure.

In particular, aromatherapy and use of essential oils advise cypress oil, with purifying and balancing power, lemon oil and also the mint oil to give coolness and soothe the affected areas.

In addition to aromatherapy breathing, or inhalation of essences dissolved in water, the oils can be mixed in proportion with vegetable bases, such as aloe, and applied with confidence in the area to rediscover immediate relief and induce healing from the problem.

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