All the symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Sintomi emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world. Causes are various and range from an incorrect diet to the habit to remain a long time in the same position, from obstinate constipation up to external causes related to post pregnancy and also to certain sports. But which are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? It is a problem that affects bearings that are positioned near the anus, which swell to several causes and begin to cause severe itching and even a widespread pain.

Science has divided hemorrhoids in four different stages, depending on their severity, but the symptoms will undoubtedly begin with severe itching of the affected area and an intense burning sensation. If hemorrhoids do not protrude from their place, the pain may be present during evacuation, but in case of prolapse is a very widespread pain, which does not allow to sit nor to move in peace .

At this point hemorrhoids are declared second or third-stage, depending on their severity, and the great symptom is usually bleeding. Blood in the stool and on the toilet paper should be read as an alarm bell, and in any case is ideal to implement specific tests to find the cause of the problem and also to establish that there are no entities of different pathologies.

Basically continuous itching, bleeding and subsequent collapse of hemorrhoids are unmistakable symptoms of the disease, so as soon as you realize these situation it is important to request a medical consultation. This makes it possible to evaluate the importance of the issue, to get the right treatments to limit the painful event, and subsequently implement the right care to contain and resolve the issue.

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