HEMAPRO: Pills and ointments to heal from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease nowadays, and about 20% of the world population suffers because of it, with peaks in developed countries. The causes of this disease are varied, and range from poor diet to a sedentary lifestyle, but they can also be related to the practice of staying for a long time in an upright position or standing.

Even some unusual sports such as lifting weights or horse-riding can cause hemorrhoids, and some women suffer from it in the post-partum period. The number one cause of hemorrhoids is constipation: the difficult evacuation induces hemorrhoid sufferers to irritate the bearings and gives life to their inflammation and consequent escape from home.


HEMAPRO: fight hemorrhoids with the force of nature

Defeating hemorrhoids is possible, especially if the problem is at its beginning. Nature, as often happens, puts at man’s disposal some products that are useful to treat the symptoms and to prevent the problem, facing it in a holistic way and thus embracing all the causes that make him arise.

hemapro-100-naturale-enIt is a smart approach, because using natural products you can defeat the painful manifestations of hemorrhoids such as itching, bleeding and burning, but mostly correct the underlying problems to prevent the problem from recurring.

Hemapro, leader in the production of treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, turns to nature to give life to a complete cure, daughter of the finest science and based completely on vegetable ingredients. It is a combination of topical and nutritional supplements systems, which work together to combat the problem and to counter it “once and for all”.

Hemapro is a nutritional supplement, according to regulations drawn up by the European Union, and is based on two different functions: to prevent the onset of symptoms and cure hemorrhoids when they occur. It is a synergistic action, which is implemented through the use of simple capsules to ingest that you can take with you in every place, and an ointment that can safely be used to counter the problem in an effective and natural way.


HEMAPRO: how does the products work?

Hemapro offers to hemorrhoid sufferers the opportunity to contain the problem and avoid any repetition due to the combination of a topical treatment and a dietary supplement. This way you can lock the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids such as itching and burning, soothe reddened area and naturally heal any damaged areas.

In a short time you can return to smile, thanks to its curative ointment, which is based on 100% vegetable extracts. So what are the components of the topical remedy HEMAPRO? It is a basic ointment Hamamelis virginiana, a plant known since immemorial time for its tonic and emollient properties. The witch hazel acts mainly on the blood vessels, helping blood flow and protecting their health and their robustness.

It is a key ingredient in the preparation of that balm against hemorrhoids, a substance used for centuries to combat this annoying and painful problem in a practical, intelligent and easy way. The HAZEL action joins the soothing, moisturizing and invigorating Aloe vera function, a plant from which is extracted a beneficial juice for your skin.

The ointment is both refreshing and soothing, thanks to the lavender and mint extracts, beneficial arnica montana and pure essential oil of rosemary leaves, highly purifying and disinfectant ingredient. The balm is completed with precious extracts of chamomile, based ingredient that helps to soothe, soften and torched the treated area application after application.

The HEMAPRO capsules: a great help to prevent hemorrhoids

The goodness of HEMAPRO balm is associated to the function naturally balanced food capsules, a product which is a valid and effective way to prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids. The food capsules exploit the many gifts of nature and enhance the state of global well-being and gut the whole digestive system, improving constipation and thus allowing the evacuation is sweeter and less painful. These are plants, plant extracts and fibers composed with intelligence, which allow to obtain a good regularity and then to enjoy an overall improvement of intestinal functions.

The Hemapro capsules contain the psyllum, an extract that can be considered as a true marvel of nature. The psyllum is extracted from the seeds of the Plantago, a plant that grows in northern India and is often used by traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a natural laxative and purifying. It is, in fact, a plant rich in mucilage, which helps stimulate the natural peristalsis, or the flow of food into the digestive system and proposing very effective to counter the episodes of irritation of the stomach and irritable bowel.

The action of the psyllum is associated to the one carried out by ancient herbs, such as Cascara Sagrada, an herb used for its laxative capacity and Juglas Director, plant with astringent functions that gives well-being and vitality to intestine.

The capsules contain the important Guar Gum, which is used by the ancient tradition medicines to increase the sense of satiety and to make better digestion and more benevolent. It is of course a viscous substance, which due to its consistency improves digestion and liquify naturally feces, making evacuation simple and never painful.

It is important to consider that hemorrhoids are often caused by problems with the blood circulation, which asks to be protected and improved. For this purpose, the HEMAPRO food capsules contain the magic Wheatgrass, an herb useful to heal the colon walls from any irritation and for improving blood fluidity.

When hemorrhoids appear, the physical needs to raise his immune defenses and to find a support on the part of the bacterial flora. For this purpose, the HEMAPRO capsules contain the precious Lactobacillus acidophilus, a component used in yogurt that is also considered a probiotic, or a valued friend of the human being. The presence of lactobacilli can increase the strength and vigor of good intestinal flora and to effectively combat microbes and bacteria that lurk in the gut.

Nature places at man’s disposal many natural ingredients to improve digestion and to make it more simple and serene. Among the many, we should mention the pectin, a substance present in the composition of the food capsules HEMAPRO, which is extracted from the peel of the fruit and bark of plants. Pectin involves very important action is due to its abundant fiber body, but especially lowers bad cholesterol, improving the body’s general health.

money-back-guarantee-garantee-100-money-back-100-safe-enThe same function is carried out by some bran, such as oat bran and rice, two substances beneficial to the organism as rich in fiber and substances that fire through the acidic conditions of the stomach and of the intestine and irritability. The same function is offered from barley malt, an essential ingredient of the capsules because it accelerates the gastrointestinal transit and to increase stool weight, freeing the stomach and therefore making life more simple and lightweight day.

Completing the composition of food capsules in the presence of bioperine extracted from pepper, a molecule that improves the absorption of food and arginine, a molecule that helps cleanse the liver and greatly improve the blood system, strengthening it and making the blood pure and rich in immune defenses.

Given these characteristics, it is possible to understand the goodness of HEMAPRO products, substances that if used in synergy, not only allow you to heal from the problem, but also to implement a positive prevention of hemorrhoidal disease. It is 100% natural products, to enhance their health status using the best that nature provides to humankind, offering a totally care, holistic in its design, completely free of harmful side effects.


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