Symptoms of hemorrhoids

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

sintomi emorroidi

We can easily answer this question: hemorrhoids symptoms are annoying and persistent, the problem is manifested by itching, burning and bleeding of the rectum-anal area. Hemorrhoids are in fact the bulges of the bearings located in this area, which for various reasons become inflamed and then  thick and painful.

Symptoms vary depending on the intensity of the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are in fact divided in two types: internal hemorrhoids and external ones, with two different symptomatology. Then we analyze the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the different cases.

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are a phenomena which occur in the inner section of the anus, and therefore do not provide the prolapse. This type of hemorrhoid is the lightest and least problematic one, it is manifested by widespread burning, complete with localized itching and bleeding phenomena.

Bleeding may particularly be present in some moments, such as evacuation, or you may experience the loss of blood in the underwear. it is really important, if you experience these symptoms, to understand if it’s really because of hemorrhoids, because the bleeding of this area could be a symptom of more serious problems, which need to be clarified and then resolved.

Burning and itching affect people every times and primarily affect those who must remain seated for a long time because of work, since the pressure on the rectal area is more intense.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids have different symptoms and they are more intense than internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are mainly divided into three stages, where the first stage reveals the slight prolapse of the same in the outer zone, the second stage is more problematic because it requires that the hemorrhoids must be manually repositioned in their natural seat, while the third stage, the more serious, asks to run a special intervention of outpatient nature to solve the problem.

In all cases the main symptoms are severe pain, especially while sitting, which is related to the leakage of hemorrhoids that protrude from their place and turn out bleeding. A typical symptom of external hemorrhoids is, in fact, their soft consistency and the intense red color which changes to blue, because of the very high concentration of blood inside them.

In more severe cases, the hemorrhoids can present blood clots inside, called thrombi, and also manifest a disorder that leads them to become hard to the touch and still more aching.

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