Hemorrhoids: which are the major causes?

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We speak a lot about hemorrhoids, even if the word indicates the particular section of the body formed by internal bearings positioned in the vicinity of the anus which performs very important functions for the body, such as the containment of faeces and blood replacement. When these bearings swell and become irritated they give rise to so-called hemorrhoidal disease, a problem that affects many people around the world and which is particularly painful to deal with.

But which are the main causes of hemorrhoids?

It is a synergy of factors, because the hemorrhoids can arise for various reasons. The most common  ones are related to poor diet and wrong habits. The foods high in fat, a low in minerals and vitamins diet and vices linked to alcohol and smoking are factors that greatly affect the appearance of hemorrhoids, although they may also occur as a result of too intense movements of friction, such as practice of standing too much.

How to Cure External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are homonyms swellings bearings positioned in the anal rectal area which, for various reasons, are swelling in the wall section, and then become painful and can prolapse out of their seats.

In this case we speak of external hemorrhoids, a problem that affects many people around the world and asks to be resolved to avoid worsening. There are various types of treatments for external hemorrhoids, such as manual, pharmacology, natural and even outpatient ones; we analyze them together to understand the benefits and weaknesses of each of them.

How to intervene for Hemorrhoids of 3rd and 4th grade

Interventi emorroidi

When hemorrhoids get to very intense stage, they protrude and can never be manually reinserted, the sufferer has to perform an intervention that solves the problem definitively. In particular, the action involves the hemorrhoids of grade III and IV, the most serious ones, and such operations are proposed to decongest the hemorrhoids through mechanical ways, which provide the elastic ligature, of chemical nature such as sclerotherapy, and thermal nature, that use cold or hot as cryotherapy and laser therapy.

It is important to consider that surgery for hemorrhoids is only implemented when all other remedies, both pharmacological and natural and manuals, have not produced satisfactory results in resolving the problem.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

emorroidi gravidanza

It is estimated that at least 30% of pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids. This is a very high percentage and the causes are to be sought in a plurality of factors that determine the appearance of the problem during the gestation.

In particular, hemorrhoids during pregnancy are mainly related to an increasing of volume of the uterus, which presses on the anorectal veins and bowel causing constipation, and thereby facilitates the appearance of hemorrhoids. Another significant cause demands to be sought in the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, which can promote the expansion of hemorrhoids.

Solving the problem of hemorrhoids with surgery

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It may happen that hemorrhoids reach to very intense stages, referred to grade III and IV. Fortunately it is a sporadic episodes,  that can be read as the result of problems related to obesity, in too intensive efforts and also in a wrong diet and-or style of life.

In these cases, the normal remedies for hemorrhoids can not be effective, and then the last resort is based surgical operation that involves the removal of the area, and which is carried out in an hospital.

How to Cure External Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are bearings that are located on the rectal area, which act as containers and which help the evacuation. Their function is important but, for various reasons, they can swell in the walls, and then become sore, up to prolapse outside in the most serious cases.

External hemorrhoids are, in fact, stage II of the disease, or occur when the bearings protrude from their original location.

Which are natural preparations useful for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, which can be effectively countered by adopting a healthy diet and supplementing the nutrition with natural products specially formulated to improve the intestinal transit and strengthen the digestive system. In particular, the nature offers to those suffering from this issue some ingredients, which aim to combat a major cause of the occurrence of the problem, or the obstinate constipation.

In nature it is possible to find out many useful products for this purpose, such as psyllium. It is used from ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine and is extracted from the plant Plantago, very widespread in the northern regions of India. The peel of this miracle of nature consists of pure cellulose, which acts on the intestine, making the stool more spongy and then soft. Psyllium also helps promoting peristalsis, an the automatic process that moves food into the digestive tract, thus facilitating the correct intestinal transit.

Hemorrhoids: foods to avoid

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Supply is proposed as one of the main causes of the onset of hemorrhoids. Some foods are in fact singled out as the cause of the problem, especially if they are consumed in a routine and never alternated with foods from different nature.

But supply can change from case to remedy, if you choose to avoid certain foods and practice healthy eating, fresh and natural. In the light of these considerations, we see absolutely what are ten foods to avoid to counter the onset of hemorrhoids:

How to treat hemorrhoids with herbs and fruits

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Hemorrhoid sufferers can contact their physician, that will be able to recommend a topical relief therapy and propose to change certain habits that make the problem occur.

Those who love natural remedies, however, can choose to treat this painful problem with “old remedies”, and relying on readily available remedies like herbs. Let’s see together what are the most useful natural preparations to resolve this problem:

Hemorrhoids and diet: natural foods

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Wrong diet is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids appearance. People who eat in a wrong way, for example follow a fat foods diet, or a too much protein and too many carbohydrates diet, are likely to become overweight and this does not facilitate the digestive process.

These conditions often lead to the appearance of constipation, which is a cause as well as a symptom of hemorrhoids.