Hemorrhoids causes

Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem among the world’s population and many scientific studies have dealt with understanding the causes that lead to their onset. In particular, such studies have set out to search a genetic explanation that causes of hemorrhoids, since many parental cases where the hemorrhoids occurred between the different generations were analyzed.

A predisposition in the tissues and body shape has been universally recognized as one of the causes of hemorrhoids, but nowadays there are not studies that include genetic reasons among the main causes of hemorrhoids. We can talk about social and environmental causes, as it is well known that hemorrhoids are a problem that primarily affects people living in industrialized areas, but not distinctly about genetic causes.

emorroidi causeLet us analyze, then, what are the main causes of hemorrhoids beyond the environmental factor.

1- Diet.

As always, nutrition plays a leading role in our health and in the onset of certain diseases. Too fat diet, rich in junk food such as fast food products  is revealed as a cause of occurrence of hemorrhoids. A too high in fat and too low in healthy foods and nutrients diet leads, in fact, to the appearance of constipation and problems related to digestion. At the same time, those who do not take minerals, vitamins and vegetable protein are naturally inclined to develop excess fat, which then goes to weigh down digestion and make heavier the circulatory situation. Here it is that wrong diet is revealed as one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, and asks to be completely revised if this troublesome disease is present.

2 – Too “exciting”  food and drinks

Coffee, tea, colas, sodas and energy drinks are among the most recognized causes of the appearance of hemorrhoids. These drinks contain a lot of sugar, and certainly do not help digestion. The exciting ingredients, such as caffeine, theine and also taurine present in energy drinks, if taken in large quantities, irritate the digestive and intestinal system, leading to the onset of these problems. Also a too rich in spices, salt and savory products diet can lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids, because these substances irritate the intestine and then lead the venous walls to swell and to give rise to the disease.

3 – A sedentary lifestyle

Who don’t make sports and has a sedentary life is more likely to develop hemorrhoidal disease. It is an issue linked to the flow of blood, that due to a sedentary lifestyle has not the possibility to oxygenate and then leads the organism to atrophy, resulting in irritation of the hemorrhoidal area. It is important to walk, and move to prevent that venous walls that reside in this area become irritate; through physical activity, they always remain tonic and well oxygenated.

4 – Some sports

Body building, cycling and horse riding are sports that may cause hemorrhoidal disease. Everything is explained by the constant rubbing of the intimate areas with the saddle and, in the case of body building, with a request to overexertion that can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids prolapse, and even possible if efforts are continuous and intense nature .

5 – Stand sitting for too long

Yes, among the causes of hemorrhoids you include the practice to remain seated for a long time during the course of the day. Unfortunately, in the most delicate people sitting increases the weight of the pelvis on the recto-anal area and this posture can irritate the hemorrhoids area, and then bring to inflammation of the same.

6 – Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy may occur for two different reasons. The first relates to hormonal changes, which can interact with the normal state of the veins and thus lead to alterations and irritations of the recto-anal areas. During the last months of pregnancy, the uterus is dilated so important and the weight exerted by the fetus can lead to an irritation of the women in sensitive areas, and the appearance of hemorrhoids. That’s not all, since hemorrhoids can also occur after childbirth, if it is very difficult and has led efforts to external hemorrhoids prolapse. Normally, these cases are related to exceptional events, and after an appropriate treatment the problem occurs no longer.

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