What Are Hemorrhoids?

Guide to the discovery of hemorrhoids

cosa sono le emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a very common complaint among the world’s population, which is often kept hidden because it arouses embarrassment and requires some confidence in talking about it. Hemorrhoids are small vascular bearings positioned in the anal area, where the tissue is vascularized because there intertwine numerous blood vessels.

The term hemorrhoids is erroneously used to refer to the disorder that occurs when these sections become enlarged, while it would be correct to speak of hemorrhoidal disease since the term “hemorrhoids” precisely indicates this area of our body and not the pathology. For convenience we use anyway also the term hemorrhoids to indicate the disorder that characterizes them.

Internal and external hemorrhoids

emorroidi interne ed esterne2Hemorrhoids are located inside the anal canal and are anchored firmly to the walls, thanks to the special fibrous ligaments that keep them in place. Hemorrhoids are divided into two types:

internal hemorrhoids that are inside the anal canal above the imaginary line, said “straight line anal”, which divides the channel into upper and lower same;

external hemorrhoids that are located at the edge of the anus.

These two types of hemorrhoids have a different membrane coating, which protects them. When an inflammation occurs, the internal hemorrhoids are more protected, while the other ones are not, so  the pain often increases in a remarkable way.

Hemorrhoids have an important action in the human body, because they help both the evacuation than the contain, so help your body retaining fluid, solids and gases. During the inflammation an unpleasant episodes occur, since if the inflamed hemorrhoids are internal, the organism is naturally led to close the anus, with probable occurrence of constipation phenomena, while if the inflamed hemorrhoids are external are empty and thus facilitate the emission of feces outside.

Hemorrhoids are usually not felt by people, but when this area becomes inflamed gives rise to a very painful phenomenon, which manifests itself with prolapses, or with the output from the seat of hemorrhoids themselves, hematoma, bleeding more or less abundant and also of demonstrations of thrombi, or of blood clots inside them formations. Here is what is the manifestation of the so-called hemorrhoidal disease.

Disturbances are related to swelling of the bearings, then you initially experience severe itching, which can lead to widespread burning, bleeding and even in mucus discharge from the anal section. Bleeding is proposed as one of the classic manifestations of the problem and can reach various entities. There may be sporadic or continuous bleeding, manifested in the faeces or in conditions of continuity during the bulge.

If hemorrhoids are not locked in their initial phase, when they starts bleeding and burning, they can move to a more difficult phase, and then prolapse to the outside. At this point it comes to an advanced stage, which can also culminate with thrombosis, or with formation of blood clots and a really painful acute inflammation.

Hemorrhoids must never be neglected, although they manifest in a mild form. It is essential to seek a good advice from your doctor, understanding the the problem and then proceed to perform a cure that can sooth the irritated area and rebalance the body.

Hemorrhoids affect a large number of people around the world, men and women of different ages and from different geographical origin. Estimating the problem has always been difficult, because many people do not go by the doctor except in the case of prolapse, both for reasons of confidentiality that embarrassment.

It is scientifically estimated that 10% of the world population suffers from this problem, which mainly affects a higher age group of forty. Interestingly, hemorrhoids affect more people living in Western countries, because of the wrong eating habits and an incorrect way of life.

It is also important to note that women are more prone to the problem, primarily because it can occur frequently during pregnancy and also because of hormonal changes that affect them.

The stages of hemorrhoids

fasi emorroidiAnyway, the hemorrhoids are classified into four main stages:

 – The 1st degree hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids that are completely internal.

 – The 2nd degree hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids that protrude outside only after intense efforts, like childbirth or during the evacuation.

– The 3rd degree hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids, where the prolapse is independent to the effort and there is the need to push inside the bearings manually.

– The 4th degree hemorrhoids: very severe hemorrhoids that are completely out of the anus and who need to be treated with outpatient surgery, as they can not be reinserted in their internal displacement with manual therapies.

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