Top tips: how to treat hemorrhoids

Trattamento emorroidi

The hemorrhoids are naturally present in the human body; they are bearings located in the anal rectum area. Their function is primarily the containment and they are also responsible for facilitating the evacuation, so play very important action in the human body.

For various reasons, these areas so rich in blood may show an enlarged and irritation of vein walls and finally catch up to go out from their natural place. This is referred to hemorrhoidal disease called in jargon “hemorrhoid“.

There are many products and techniques dedicated to the treatment of hemorrhoids, some of them are of pharmacological origin, other nature-related and remedies of the past, and a number of treatments that are executed when the hemorrhoids reach important stages and no other previous treatments gave good results.

Overall, doctors divide the hemorrhoids in four different stages, where the first one is of low seriousness, with internal hemorrhoids and yet treatable with pharmaceutical products, but also with natural solutions. The second stage of hemorrhoids is more problematic because it is often accompanied by bleeding and prolapse during the evacuation. In this case, the treatment for haemorrhoids is based on the assumption of targeted drugs or natural preparations, which may also be associated with painkillers that soothe the painful perception of the problem.

In the case of grade III hemorrhoids, when they protrude from their natural home, the treatment provides that doctors put them back manually, or that are implemented for the hemorrhoid treatments performed in an outpatient office. It is the ligament, the laser therapy of cryotherapy, all treatments for hemorrhoids that aim to bring these areas of necrosis and then to hope for a complete healing. In the case of grade IV hemorrhoids, the most problematic one, the recommended treatment is unfortunately the hemorrhoidectomy, or the surgical removal of the treated area.

At each stage its treatment, as hemorrhoids vary in both the intensity of the problem that in the painful perception, depending on their severity. The right hemorrhoid treatment should therefore be chosen according to the stadium but also according to the will of individuals. Many people choose, in fact, to rely on drug treatment to relieve symptoms quickly, while other patients prefer to bring a little more patience and then rely on to home and natural remedies that can alleviate and resolve the problem , but with more slow and gentle Rates.

In any case, the treatment of hemorrhoids requires to analyze the causes and thus act in an important way on them. If the problem comes from wrong diet is applying to be reviewed in its entirety to eliminate constipation and thus help the entire digestive system to function the best. Even the habit of incorrect lead lifestyles should be abandoned, as well as the practice to remain seated and not very active. At the same time, the best treatment for hemorrhoids lies in choosing to have a good lifestyle and healthy, to feed it properly and avoid all foods and substances that can lead to irritate these delicate areas of our body.

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