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Second Degree Hemorrhoids


Rectum, in the anal area, is rich in vascularized bearings, which are called hemorrhoids and that have the function to contain liquids, gases and solids and also to assist the evacuation processes with their elastic presence. For various reasons, these areas may ignite and result in an enlargement of their walls, resulting in leakage from home.

This is the hemorrhoidal disease, commonly called hemorrhoids by the name of the zone itself. The hemorrhoids are crossed by many veins, so their enlargement can be accompanied also in cases of bleeding and prolapse, when leaving the original site. Doctors have divided the problem of hemorrhoids in four basic stages, which describe the different severity of the problem. It starts from stage I, the less problematic, until they reach the stage IV, the most painful, dangerous and full of problems.

Hemorrhoids: which are the major causes?

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We speak a lot about hemorrhoids, even if the word indicates the particular section of the body formed by internal bearings positioned in the vicinity of the anus which performs very important functions for the body, such as the containment of faeces and blood replacement. When these bearings swell and become irritated they give rise to so-called hemorrhoidal disease, a problem that affects many people around the world and which is particularly painful to deal with.

But which are the main causes of hemorrhoids?

It is a synergy of factors, because the hemorrhoids can arise for various reasons. The most common  ones are related to poor diet and wrong habits. The foods high in fat, a low in minerals and vitamins diet and vices linked to alcohol and smoking are factors that greatly affect the appearance of hemorrhoids, although they may also occur as a result of too intense movements of friction, such as practice of standing too much.

What causes hemorrhoids?

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In our body there are bearings positioned in the anal rectal region, which perform a containment actions and help during the evacuation. It is hemorrhoids, a rich of veins sections and highly vascular zone, who for various reasons can get irritated and thus increase their size up even to get out of their seat and prolapse outside.

We are talking about the so-called hemorrhoidal disease, a disease that affects 20% of the world population and which can be caused by many different factors. Analyze them together to understand what and how you can avoid to prevent the problem.

The six main causes of hemorrhoids

cause emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a very painful disease, which seems to affect about half of the world’s population. The causes of hemorrhoids appearance can be of different nature.

Even hemorrhoids signs and symptoms are different, it depends on their severity degree, but they usually start with heartburn, pain while evacuating and problems related to the digestive system.