Second Degree Hemorrhoids


Rectum, in the anal area, is rich in vascularized bearings, which are called hemorrhoids and that have the function to contain liquids, gases and solids and also to assist the evacuation processes with their elastic presence. For various reasons, these areas may ignite and result in an enlargement of their walls, resulting in leakage from home.

This is the hemorrhoidal disease, commonly called hemorrhoids by the name of the zone itself. The hemorrhoids are crossed by many veins, so their enlargement can be accompanied also in cases of bleeding and prolapse, when leaving the original site. Doctors have divided the problem of hemorrhoids in four basic stages, which describe the different severity of the problem. It starts from stage I, the less problematic, until they reach the stage IV, the most painful, dangerous and full of problems.

Today we want to deal with the level II hemorrhoids, those that can be considered as the most common. Remember that as much as 20% of the world population suffers from this disease, and most of them accuse I and II stage hemorrhoids, while a small part comes to manifest symptoms related to stage III and IV hemorrhoids.

The stage II hemorrhoids occur with more pronounced symptoms than hemorrhoids stage I; these always present with pain, itching and burning, and may be accompanied by bleeding that can occur during the evacuation. The characteristic of the second-degree hemorrhoids must be sought in their prolapse which only occurs during the evacuation, and then stops in a spontaneous way, since the hemorrhoids fall into place.

It is a problem that may be more or less significant, painful and annoying, based on the threshold of the pain of subjects and also on the severity of the problem. Being hemorrhoids that fall spontaneously after the evacuation, no mention of external hemorrhoids, but simply to grade II. They can be treated with fairly simple systems and do not require manual or surgical procedure as in the most serious cases.

Level II Hemorrhoid sufferers also typically suffer from very intense situations of constipation. This problem presents itself as the first to be solved, because the suffering people are afraid to evacuate and this, for psychological reasons, can block the digestive process making the situation worse. What is important to do is taking a series of habits conducive to digestion and evacuation, as the drastic change in eating habits.

Those suffering from constipation must eat many fiber, fruits and vegetables and softening foods, avoiding all fatty food, fried and heavy. At the same time, it is necessary to abandon the consumption of intoxicating and irritating drinks such as coffee and tea and energy drinks or sugary drinks, and consuming large amounts of natural drinking water in small sips at room temperature. In this way the intestines can uncover alleviated and the evacuation may become easier.

Second-degree hemorrhoids can be treated with pharmacologic preparations but also with natural remedies, depending on the severity of the problem. It is advisable to seek advice from your doctor, then devote himself to a kind of pharmaceutical care if you endorse his goodness, or choose to treat themselves with natural products that can act in a marvelous way in resolving the problem.

In particular, hemorrhoids grade II can be treated with topical remedies made from horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, witch hazel and calendula, expertly mixed with vegetable oils and butters that moisturize and soothe irritated areas. Topically to the action of these plants may be associated with nutritional supplements targeted, taking herbal teas and even consuming foods protectors of the venous walls, such as blueberries and grapes.

If hemorrhoids grade II lead bleeding is also important to integrate the iron lost in this situation, then choose to implement integration with tablets or tablets to buy in pharmacies or herbal medicine, or eating many foods that contain it, such as vegetables green leaves and special legumes, to choose fresh and cooked with healthy methods.

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