Suitable and unsuitable foods

Proper nutrition to prevent hemorrhoids

Wrong diet is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. Problems arise for people suffering of constipation, which is why we recommend to follow a balanced diet and to read the natural remedies against hemorrhoids. In the same way,  a proper diet can help solve the problem quickly and easily.

Let’s see which are the recommended foods in case of hemorrhoids and what are the foods you must avoid to ward off the onset of the problem.

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Among useful foods for combating hemorrhoids we find, rightly, fruits and vegetables, water-rich foods, which increase the hydration level of the body. Fruits and vegetables turn out very useful because they contain valuable vitamins and minerals, and micronutrients that soothe the problem and improve blood circulation.

Not all fruits and vegetables, however, are ideal to fight hemorrhoids, as it is useful to prefer certain foods. In particular, apples should be preferred, because they are fiber-rich fruits, regularize the intestines and thus help fighting constipation.

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Apple are followed by blueberries and red fruits in general, which contain anthocyanin, that help reducing the swelling of hemorrhoids. At the same time, these substances help to tone and strengthen the veins. It becomes important to drink a glass of cranberry juice a day, even better when mixed with apple juice, both pure and from controlled organic crops.

Vitamin C, minerals and rutin salts are the active ingredients in the currant, berry considered the most useful for combating hemorrhoids. The currants can be consumed as a preventive measure, but also to quell the painful events, since it can help relieve pain by encouraging the production of prostaglandins.

Among suitable fruits to oppose the hemorrhoids fits melon, an iron-rich fruit, which helps replenish this essential mineral salt, especially if you have hemorrhoids cases of ongoing bleeding and plentiful.


For the same reason beetroot and even chestnuts are useful. Talking about food important to take during hemorrhoids, there are other foods that must be absolutely avoided. They are, first and foremost, misuse and exciting drinks, such as cola, coffee and tea. These drinks irritate the mucous membranes, making the even more painful evacuation and giving rise to episodes of water retention and constipation.

At the same time, it is important to mention the fried and all the foods rich in irritants, such as truffles, shellfish and spices like chili, because they irritate the colon and therefore do not contribute at all to soothe the digestive system.

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