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Cryotherapy for hemorrhoids: a guide to surgery


When hemorrhoids reach to important stages, from the second one to up, it is desirable to implement an intervention that allows to solve the problem at its root. It is cryotherapy, a method that uses the cold to cure this inflamed area.

Cryotherapy for Hemorrhoids can be implemented both in hospitals and in private clinics and outpatient surgery; it is widely practiced in many countries of the world. Cold therapy is often used to bring a final solution to the problem, when topical and oral remedies have not given the desired results.

How to intervene for Hemorrhoids of 3rd and 4th grade

Interventi emorroidi

When hemorrhoids get to very intense stage, they protrude and can never be manually reinserted, the sufferer has to perform an intervention that solves the problem definitively. In particular, the action involves the hemorrhoids of grade III and IV, the most serious ones, and such operations are proposed to decongest the hemorrhoids through mechanical ways, which provide the elastic ligature, of chemical nature such as sclerotherapy, and thermal nature, that use cold or hot as cryotherapy and laser therapy.

It is important to consider that surgery for hemorrhoids is only implemented when all other remedies, both pharmacological and natural and manuals, have not produced satisfactory results in resolving the problem.

Solving the problem of hemorrhoids with surgery

intervento emorroidi

It may happen that hemorrhoids reach to very intense stages, referred to grade III and IV. Fortunately it is a sporadic episodes,  that can be read as the result of problems related to obesity, in too intensive efforts and also in a wrong diet and-or style of life.

In these cases, the normal remedies for hemorrhoids can not be effective, and then the last resort is based surgical operation that involves the removal of the area, and which is carried out in an hospital.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

intervento chirurgico

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are among the most painful and annoying ones, since they induce the symptoms of burning and continuous itching, that does not subside or while sitting or standing and are rather difficult to treat. It is an higher pain than the normal irritation of the hemorrhoidal area, as it is formed inside of the thrombus, or of solid masses that are caused by a process of blood clotting.

The cause lies in the delicate tissue vascularized of hemorrhoids, for further internal and external stresses it forms these clots which occur with a very intense color, which changes from red to deep blue.