Bleeding hemorrhoids

Why bleeding hemorrhoids?

sanguinantiBleeding is revealed as one of the classic symptoms of hemorrhoids. People who suffer of hemorrhoids can notice, in fact, the loss of blood in the stool or on the underwear, so they can understand that it is an infection in the recto-anal area.

It is important to understand immediately which the cause of bleeding, as  it could certainly arise from the same hemorrhoids, but it could be also be the consequence of anal fissures or problems of most serious nature.

It is therefore important to ask your doctor, being free from embarrassment, to determine what is the cause of the bleeding and to proceed with the search of the best treatment. The bleeding of the rectum-anal area is proposed in 54% of cases as symptom of hemorrhoids.

The bleeding hemorrhoids are related to sporadic cases in the first two degrees, while the loss of blood becomes abundant and continue in third and fourth degree hemorrhoids. Individuals who suffer of this problem in advanced stage are then brought to a continuous physical weakness, which can be read as the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids and is linked to factors such as iron-deficiency anemia microcytic, that is caused by iron deficiency, which is called low serum iron and which is associated to the presence of smaller blood cells in the blood composition.

deboleBleeding hemorrhoids must be treated with a dietary supplement based on iron, because the continuous bleeding leads to a weakening of the organism and decreases the presence of mineral salts. In these cases, your doctor may tell you to take iron by effervescent tablets or tablets, to ensure that the patient won’t be subjected to collapse and that can maintain a good state of activity until the problem is solved at the root.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can be treated in different ways. If we’re looking to third-level hemorrhoids, they are redirected into the anal canal using a manual process and subsequently they are treated with drug therapies, that can heal you. In these cases, bleeding should stop, and then the problem disappear.

In case of fourth-degree hemorrhoids, the continuous bleeding is related to prolapse and the only way to solve the problem is a surgical operation, that we will analyze. Even in this case, after the operation the patients are treated with special medications and supplements, which are proposed to stop the bleeding, and then to solve the problem.

This can also happens in the first and second degree hemorrhoids, then internal and external ones. The remedies and treatments are targeted to both cure the irritated zones and stop bleeding, so patients subjected to this treatment can note blood loss decreases, and a continuous improvement of the treated area.

It is important to dedicate much hygiene to the affected areas, trying to avoid the use of cold water and preferring warm water and a special soap. Do not use irritants agents and ice water, because it would intensely aggravate the problem.

To recover from bleeding hemorrhoids you need a lot of gentleness and patience, and you have to choose a special diet and lifestyle. Only the synergy between these factors can stop bleeding, soothe affected areas so to create an intelligent healing process.

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