What are the main treatments for Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a very common problem among the world population. There are several causes related to their occurrence, which range from poor diet to chronic constipation, the practice of staying a long time sitting up to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. It is an irritation that affects the hemorrhoids, bearing many rich blood and nerve endings that are located near the anus.

The function of hemorrhoids is containment of faeces and gas, but also on the blood inflow, then the irritation of the door to feel a very sharp pain and, in sensitive cases, involves difficulty in movement, even in the most simple and common.

Treatments for hemorrhoids depend on their gravity. The scientific community divides the magnitude of the problem in degrees, so hemorrhoids are treated according to the degree. As regards the first and the second level, in which the stages are not fully prolapsed hemorrhoids and manifest themselves with burning and with bleeding, the treatments are based on pharmaceutical preparations and application of topical solutions, that soothe pain and itching.

More difficult is the cure for third-degree hemorrhoids, which can be considered to fall by manual action that is performed on an outpatient office. At this stage you can also take action with cryotherapy, or by the action of frost, or with rubber band ligation, a practice that uses rubber rings to atrophy of the affected area, it dies and then it stops being painful and problematic.

Many physicians employ the sclerosing treatment that is based on the use of particular chemical acids, while for the fourth degree hemorrhoids, the most problematic, the surgical area concerned export is implemented.

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