How to cure hemorrhoids

Cures for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem, affecting a large portion of the population around the mondo. To the question how to treat hemorrhoids, many answers can follow, because each choice depends on the needs of patients, their preferences in terms of care and especially the severity of the problem.

In principle, the hemorrhoids can be cured with either pharmacological or natural origin remedies. They are recommended holistic and natural cures if they break in were mild states. The tools are varied, but to avoid approximate and wrong remedies, I recommend an ebook on natural and holistic remedies which is very popular.

In severe cases, or in case of hemorrhoids prolapse, topical remedies, both pharmacological and natural, are unfortunately not enough and it becomes essential to act in an outpatient or surgical way to treat the disease.

So how to treat hemorrhoids?

In the first second-stage level, hemorrhoids can be treated in three different ways:

alimentazione corretta1- By a good diet. We know that hemorrhoids primarily derived from constipation, which leads people to perform continuous efforts, which, in turn, cause the area to become inflamed and irritated, in severe cases a prolapse.

Nutrition must then set out to cure constipation, or to provide the body with fiber-rich, simple and healthy foods. A good diet against hemorrhoids can count many whole grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables and predict a major consumer of water, at least two liters a day, to drink fresh, natural and sips.

The ideal diet to cure hemorrhoids should not contain fat food and exciting drinks and even the so-called junk food. Simple food, cooked in a healthy way – then steamed or grilled – and a continuous consumption of fresh vegetables help to soothe the body, and then to tone it fighting irritation and constipation.


2- With targeted products. Products for hemorrhoids treatment can be of pharmacological or natural origin, as the pills and the ointment Hemapro. Everything depends on patients choices and preferences, who may choose to entrust a family doctor, which usually offers ointments based on cortisone, or choose to prefer holistic herbal treatments, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Bach flowers and even essential oils.

Of course, natural remedies do not quickly heal from pain and burning as drugs do, but they lead to cure the symptoms completely, acting at the origin of the problem and thus ensuring a slower but real and effective healing.

attività fisica3- With a good lifestyle. Those who always work sitting has to get used to get up at least every half hour and remain standing at least five good minutes. The exercise is very important, if not crucial, then a half-hour daily walk, a nice run or a good swim helps to tone and to oxygenate the entire body, allowing the hemorrhoid to heal quickly; so the problem will not occur in future.

A good diet, targeted treatments and an healthy lifestyle are proposed as the basic answers to the question “how to cure hemorrhoids”. It is a synergy of behaviors and habits that help people to prevent the problem.

The awareness and the subsequent adoption of correct vital behaviors also help to improve your health, so these rules do not only help in defeating hemorrhoids, but can greatly increase the health and well-being of who follows them.

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