External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids: what are they?

emorroidi esterneThe human body is a perfect machine where every organ has a specific function. Doctors have identified and described an imaginary line that develops between the rectum and the anus, and which is called in the specific anal rectum line. If the hemorrhoids are developed below this line we speak of external hemorrhoids (while if you develop above is called internal hemorrhoids).

It is a venous dilation which collapse outside of the skin and takes a very intense bluish-red color. The typical color of the external hemorrhoids occurs as a result of condensation of blood in vein walls, which swell up to prolapse.

To the touch, external hemorrhoids are soft and smooth, but can present a particular problem, called in jargon inflammation, which leads the external hemorrhoids to grow and become hard to the touch. At this point the problem becomes very painful and annoying.

You must contact your doctor to highlight both the causes that led to hemorrhoids onset and to begin a cure. Many people feel embarrassed when they show this pathology, since it is a very sensitive issue, but in the name of a prompt recovery is essential to implement a carefully targeted and effective consult with a specialist.

External hemorrhoids give rise to bleeding, which can occur continuously or only in special cases, particularly during the evacuation. Bleeding is associated with a widespread pain, which leads people to feel an unbearable burning in severe cases and not to find an ideal location, neither sitting nor standing, to find a minimum benefit.

The causes of external hemorrhoids can be the same then internal hemorrhoids, but can be of different nature and type. First we must specify that science has not identified a cause of genetic nature, although there are many researches about, but is advancing much speculation in this direction.

External hemorrhoids is definitely formed due to the continuous or repeated pressure on the rectal and anal veins. This pressure is often generated by intense and prolonged effort, such as childbirth, or by episodes of acute constipation. Diarrhea also, ie the opposite of constipation, is revealed as a possible cause of external hemorrhoids, as it leads to the tissues prolapse due to a continual request of the same.

Among the causes of hemorrhoids we can include a wrong diet and an improper lifestyle, and the practices of taking too irritants foods and beverage such alcohol and stimulating ones, like coffee, tea and colas. Although food allergies can contribute to the emergence of the disease, especially if linked to diseases that affect the liver region.

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