Hemorrhoids, what to do: lots of useful tips to cure them


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects about 20% of the world population. Unbelievable, right? And yet the datas speak for themselves, and many people around the world suffer from this disorder, not counting all those who suffer silently, ie do not communicate it to their doctor because they feel a certain embarrassment.

If you find out that you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is very important to face the problem, because it could escalate and lead the body to be debilitated but also worse in practical terms, to take the most important skin and invasive. Hemorrhoids are the swelling and irritation of the vascular walls of the same hemorrhoids, bearings that are on the recto-anal area.

The first stage internal hemorrhoids often occur and require few and accurate treatments to heal, however in the case of external hemorrhoids, or when the bearings out of their seat and protrude, it is a more serious problem, which asks to be exposed to physician and edited on an informed basis.

What to do so for hemorrhoids? The first step lies in going to the doctor or health care professional, avoiding any embarrassment and trying to figure out what is the stage concerned. Depending on the severity of the problem your doctor may recommend a medication or endorse the decision to use natural or home remedies if it raises the possibility.

In severe cases, your doctor may also consider recommending a manual repositioning action and, in the worst cases, recommend a surgical therapy that aims to eliminate the problem at its root. Often it is difficult to independently what is the stage of hemorrhoids, then a medical opinion is always useful and desirable.

Once it was realized the stage of hemorrhoids is important to analyze the causes, and understand if the hemorrhoids have appeared as a result of sporadic incidents, such as a great effort like childbirth, or if they are the direct result of a poor diet and a wrong lifestyle. In this second case it becomes necessary to correct any wrong habit, to enable the heal area and also to prevent any recurrence of the disease. What are the eating habits and wrong behavior?

Hemorrhoids can occur both as a result of poor diet, high in fat and sugar, exciting drinks and irritating foods, but also as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and practice to remain seated without ever implement the healthy activity physics. To recover from hemorrhoid becomes imperative to change diet and even lifestyle, making them healthier and voted in search of well-being.

Once we know the stadium and the causes that led to the onset of the problem, a targeted care becomes essential to implement, which may follow an essence pharmacological or devote themselves to household and natural remedies. It all depends on the severity of the problem, from personal choices of individuals and the necessity to heal more or less quickly. As we know, medications and interventions surgical or ambulatory nature quickly solve the problem, while natural and household systems require a little more time and patience, but it can also be a viable way forward in the road to recovery .

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