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What are the main treatments for Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a very common problem among the world population. There are several causes related to their occurrence, which range from poor diet to chronic constipation, the practice of staying a long time sitting up to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. It is an irritation that affects the hemorrhoids, bearing many rich blood and nerve endings that are located near the anus.

The function of hemorrhoids is containment of faeces and gas, but also on the blood inflow, then the irritation of the door to feel a very sharp pain and, in sensitive cases, involves difficulty in movement, even in the most simple and common.

The best therapies for hemorrhoids

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People suffering from hemorrhoids may choose to devote to a drug or natural therapy, or must for major causes implement a manual or surgical therapy. We analyze them together to understand the techniques, the benefits and weaknesses of each of them.

1- Drug therapy against hemorrhoids: These are drugs that are prescribed by the doctor to solve the problem quickly. The drugs are intended both to quell the problem that to relieve the pain that accompanies hemorrhoids. Drug therapy can be based on the assumption of oral and topical preparations, namely creams, ointments and foams that relieve pain and repair damaged tissues.

Are Lactobacilli good for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, and that are caused by many factors. The main cure to this problem begins with the proper nutrition and the choice to consciously integrate the daily diet with products that improve intestinal transit, and effectively counteract episodes of constipation. Many people assume lactobacilli to make the bacterial flora stronger to improve the intestinal transit, but is it the right choice?

The answer is undoubtedly yes, where the problem is derived from constipation, but also by diarrhea. Both dysfunction may in fact be due to the appearance of the hemorrhoidal disease and the proper integration of lactobacilli helps to strength the digestive system and also to counteract the onset of microbes and bad bacteria, which weaken the organism.

Drugs to treat hemorrhoids

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In the treatment of hemorrhoids, medication may be an appropriate solution, especially if hemorrhoids are very painful, with bleeding and prolapse.

The medications for hemorrhoids are two types, those that can be freely purchased in pharmacies without prescription and those that ask for a prescription, because they are very powerful or contain special pharmacological principles, to be used in particular dosage.