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Hemorrhoids, what to do: lots of useful tips to cure them


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects about 20% of the world population. Unbelievable, right? And yet the datas speak for themselves, and many people around the world suffer from this disorder, not counting all those who suffer silently, ie do not communicate it to their doctor because they feel a certain embarrassment.

If you find out that you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is very important to face the problem, because it could escalate and lead the body to be debilitated but also worse in practical terms, to take the most important skin and invasive. Hemorrhoids are the swelling and irritation of the vascular walls of the same hemorrhoids, bearings that are on the recto-anal area.

Which are natural preparations useful for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, which can be effectively countered by adopting a healthy diet and supplementing the nutrition with natural products specially formulated to improve the intestinal transit and strengthen the digestive system. In particular, the nature offers to those suffering from this issue some ingredients, which aim to combat a major cause of the occurrence of the problem, or the obstinate constipation.

In nature it is possible to find out many useful products for this purpose, such as psyllium. It is used from ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine and is extracted from the plant Plantago, very widespread in the northern regions of India. The peel of this miracle of nature consists of pure cellulose, which acts on the intestine, making the stool more spongy and then soft. Psyllium also helps promoting peristalsis, an the automatic process that moves food into the digestive tract, thus facilitating the correct intestinal transit.

Hemorrhoids and diet: natural foods

bio emorroidi

Wrong diet is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids appearance. People who eat in a wrong way, for example follow a fat foods diet, or a too much protein and too many carbohydrates diet, are likely to become overweight and this does not facilitate the digestive process.

These conditions often lead to the appearance of constipation, which is a cause as well as a symptom of hemorrhoids.

Are Lactobacilli good for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, and that are caused by many factors. The main cure to this problem begins with the proper nutrition and the choice to consciously integrate the daily diet with products that improve intestinal transit, and effectively counteract episodes of constipation. Many people assume lactobacilli to make the bacterial flora stronger to improve the intestinal transit, but is it the right choice?

The answer is undoubtedly yes, where the problem is derived from constipation, but also by diarrhea. Both dysfunction may in fact be due to the appearance of the hemorrhoidal disease and the proper integration of lactobacilli helps to strength the digestive system and also to counteract the onset of microbes and bad bacteria, which weaken the organism.