Remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people worldwide every day. It is a varicose dilations formed in the bearings (the same hemorrhoids) which are positioned in the area between anus and rectum.


The main symptoms are itching, bleeding and widespread pain, so the remedies for hemorrhoids lead to solve the problem at source and to placate these painful symptoms. People who experience hemorrhoids are often brought to minimize the problem, waiting for steps alone.

A key role is played by embarrassment, even going by your doctor, but this fear must be won, because hemorrhoids can develop into the most important forms and become more and more problems if not properly treated.

Hence the need to talk with confidence to the doctor, explain the problem and request an appropriate pharmacological care, appropriate to the hemorrhoids stage and on your needs. Today we want to talk about the nature of pharmacological hemorrhoids remedies, because we will cover in the following natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

People can choose to rely on this type of treatment or to take medicine prescribed by a doctor. Then we analyze what are their properties and their functions to combat hemorrhoids.


The choice of an appropriate medication always lies with the doctor, but it is important to know its nature in relation to the problem. Hemorrhoids stage is divided into internal hemorrhoids, when there’s not prolapse of the same and the issue causes pain and bleeding, and external, or hemorrhoids that come from their place and which are very painful and problematic to treat.
rimedi naturali

In the first case, ie when the hemorrhoids are internal, the remedies are of vasoprotective nature, ie they act on the elasticity and tonicity of the capillaries. Usually these remedies are put in tablet form, both pharmacological and natural origin, which are intended to play an anti-inflammatory role and are also used for varicose veins.

These oral remedies are associated with the use of topical products, or administered directly to the skin as ointments, creams and ointments. These are products that belong to the category of antihaemorrhoidal for topical use, which contain a number of active ingredients that soothe the pain of the irritated areas.

These preparations should be used in the hemorrhoids areas  and not for different uses, because they may contain cortisone, hydrocortisone, of fluocortolone, dexamethasone and fluocinolone that propose to carry out anti-inflammatory action. This pool of principles is often associated with other substances with anesthetic action, which limit the burning and pain from the contact.

These substances are mainly tetracaine, oxetacaina and pramocaina. Special attention deserves to be given to cortisone remedies for hemorrhoids, which can give rise to reactions, especially in the most delicate subjects such as children and elderly.

If your skin has treated injuries caused by bacteria or fungi, cortisone remedies for hemorrhoids are not the ideal choice, since the cortisone naturally lowers the immune body system and therefore could lead to an aggravation. The doctor should then be able to recognize if there are these infections and proceed to give an appropriate care to solve the hemorrhoids, without damaging the immune system in the body.

Among the most employees hemorrhoids remedies we find benzocaine, a substance used to relieve pain and to decrease sensitivity in the treatment area. If you are prescribed a benzocaine-based product remember you must not exceed the recommended dose, because it is a very powerful drug that could lead to skin sensitization phenomena.

To purely pharmacological remedies, you may prefer available in pharmacies and health store solutions, that propose to carry out a refreshing and soothing effect of the treatment area. In particular, we talk of topical remedies based on natural or synthesized substances such as zinc oxide and vaseline oil, or the refreshing menthol. A natural substance very used as a remedy for hemorrhoids it is ruscogenin, a substance that aims to tone and brighten the areas allowing reabsorption of hemorrhoids faster.

These ointments and creams are usually sold with a special cannula that allows an easy application of the product. While cream for external hemorrhoids are applied through a soft massage, for internal hemorrhoids it is vital to have this instrument, included in the package. In this way the product is inserted inside the anus and can act. It is usually required to remain lying down for 30 minutes after the cream application, to give way to the active ingredients to work better.

Pay attention to collateral effects, especially if these hemorrhoids remedies are of intense kind. Prolonged use of these remedies may, in fact, lead to inflammation of the follicles that are present in the anus region, and also to raise awareness of the area you are treating.

The pharmacologic and synthetic remedies for hemorrhoids may also lead to burning and itching and, in some cases, to the appearance of acne, especially in the most delicate and susceptible individuals. If you experience these symptoms it is important to seek medical advice, opt for an alternative cure or choose to rely on natural remedies for curing hemorrhoids.

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