Solving the problem of hemorrhoids with surgery

intervento emorroidi

It may happen that hemorrhoids reach to very intense stages, referred to grade III and IV. Fortunately it is a sporadic episodes,  that can be read as the result of problems related to obesity, in too intensive efforts and also in a wrong diet and-or style of life.

In these cases, the normal remedies for hemorrhoids can not be effective, and then the last resort is based surgical operation that involves the removal of the area, and which is carried out in an hospital.

There are several techniques for hemorrhoids operation. Among the various interventions we find the famous Longo Method, which owes its name from its inventor, Dr. Longo, who invented it in the 90s. This is a conservative technique, which gives importance to this body zone and proposes to preserve it during the operation.

The Longo method is therefore based on the reintegration of prolapsed hemorrhoids and the consequent suturing, which is done by microclip titanium. The transaction is intended to hemorrhoids until the third grade and takes place in an outpatient office.

Ligation of hemorrhoidal artery on Doppler guide is similar to Longo Method. It is an intervention made by anoscope and the probe is to seek arteries branches and close them with stitches, so as to block the flow of blood.

The fourth degree hemorrhoids, the ones that can not be reinserted and then “stitched up” with such sophisticated methods, must be treated with real surgical operations that involve the removal of this zone. This is the last treatment, the last attempt that doctors choose to save a difficult situation.

This operation is called hemorrhoidectomy, and is based on the surgical removal of hemorrhoids. The sections are practically removed by surgical operation, and then the affected area is sutured using the usual protocols.

In this way sore bearings and compromises are deleted, but is also deleted this part of our body, which carries out very important functions of containment and evacuation. The hemorrhoidectomy can be realized with manual methods but also with laser, and provides for the healing a time of about a month.

During this time the patient will feel a lot of pain and the physical is weakened. The intervention by operation of hemorrhoids comes, therefore, as the only and last resort to recover from the problem when its stadium is particularly advanced and problematic.

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