How to treat hemorrhoids with herbs and fruits

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Hemorrhoid sufferers can contact their physician, that will be able to recommend a topical relief therapy and propose to change certain habits that make the problem occur.

Those who love natural remedies, however, can choose to treat this painful problem with “old remedies”, and relying on readily available remedies like herbs. Let’s see together what are the most useful natural preparations to resolve this problem:

– The Centella and Butcher’s Broom. These are plants that can significantly increase the resistance of capillaries and which can therefore be consumed in teas or in tablets to protect the walls and make them more resistant.

Calendula. Calendula offers a very soothing and calming action, so it can be used topically in the form of cream and ointment and applied at will to ease the pain and fight inflammation.

Cranberries and red fruits in general. These vegetables contain valuable flavonoids that strengthen vein walls and thus make the body stronger to fight the onset of hemorrhoids. Blueberries are often used in the production of special ointments and drinkable solutions that implement integration, when you can not find fresh berries.

– The cypress oil. Since long time, the cypress is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, both in the form of ointment and essential oil. It is important to seek the right advice to a herbalist of trust, which can then explain to the patient the best method to use.

Hypericum, or St. John’s wort. It is a remedy for hemorrhoids, because it is able to be torched the area and to fight infections from inside.

– The aloe vera. As with calendula, aloe vera has excellent sedative and soothing properties, so it can be used with confidence to heal hemorrhoids, to calm the irritated areas and also to cool them, especially during the summer.

– The plum water. It is an ancient remedy, which helps to strengthen the vein walls and fighting so important to constipation, which is the main cause of occurrence of hemorrhoids. The plum water is easily prepared at home, putting it to soak in water of prunes and making sure that the water volume is twice that of the plums. The liquid must be filtered and consumed constantly, especially in the morning, when the body is more receptive to natural treatments.

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