Hemorrhoids pain, how to recognize and treat it

dolore emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a part of the body situated in the anal area, which is responsible for retaining liquids, gases and solids, but work in an important way also during the evacuation. For various reasons, the hemorrhoid term is used to indicate the problem that affects the same area, when in fact it would be correct to speak of -hemorrhoidal disease-.

It is a swelling, or a dilation of the veins that compose them, as these areas are particularly vascularized, ie crossed by bloodstream. For different causes, hemorrhoids can present these irritations, and then become very painful. The pain of hemorrhoids is manifested in the anal rectal area with very intense burning and itching, that can become uncontrollable. The pain of hemorrhoids is directly proportional to their size.

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, we talk of circumscribed pain, which is more like a very insistent itching, while in the most intense cases, the burning and itching become very intense and lead to the feeling of a very strong pain. Here in the most serious situations, the pain fails to subside, both seated and standing. At this point, it is necessary to act on the pain with targeted products, which act in the local anesthetic so that but can also be searched in pharmacological solutions to be taken orally.

How can you defeat hemorrhoids pain? You can ask your doctor for ointments or creams with local anesthetic action. It is cortisone-based preparations, a steroid which acts in a precise manner but which unfortunately presents many drawbacks, as it can sensitize the area and give rise to allergic situations.

Cortisone can not, moreover, be used in case of scars, abrasions or cuts, since it does not promotes healing. Cortisone can not be taken during pregnancy and it is not recommended if the patient is already taking other types of medications for different problems. So what are the alternatives to ease the pain to hemorrhoids? There are many, such as the enilefrina, a molecule that constricts blood vessels and that can also be used in pregnancy, or nifedipine, a special molecule that relaxes muscles.

Many people rely on oral painkillers, such as aspirin which helps to deflate the areas concerned and to assuage the pain, or pain relievers such as ibuprofen canons. It is a medicine who can be associated with effective topical remedies, since they deal only to block the nerve endings that make sense the pain and not to solve the problem at its root.

A good pain therapy can be implemented topically or orally, but always asks to be associated with remedies that solve the problem in their essence, which in turn can be pharmacological or natural ones. Natural cures for hemorrhoids are desirable, but they can not offer an immediate sedation of pain, unless the hemorrhoids are very light. The use of herbal preparations is the perfect way to go, but if the pain is intense it is always useful to ask a medical consultation and then implement a painkilling drug therapy, at least during the acute phases of the problem.

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