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How to improve Hemorrhoids Diet


Wrong nutrition is one of the causes of the onset of hemorrhoids, but can also be used as an excellent care for their healing. Feeding correctly, and paying attention to the foods, the problem may disappear faster so the physical can regenerate itself more actively and quickly.

In light of these considerations, we see a suitable diet plan to defeat hemorrhoids, preferable during the suffering and to replicate whenever occur episodes of constipation, which could overload the body and thus lead to the appearance of the problem in the most delicate subjects and prepared.

Hemorrhoids: foods to avoid

emorroidi alimentazione

Supply is proposed as one of the main causes of the onset of hemorrhoids. Some foods are in fact singled out as the cause of the problem, especially if they are consumed in a routine and never alternated with foods from different nature.

But supply can change from case to remedy, if you choose to avoid certain foods and practice healthy eating, fresh and natural. In the light of these considerations, we see absolutely what are ten foods to avoid to counter the onset of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids and diet: natural foods

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Wrong diet is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids appearance. People who eat in a wrong way, for example follow a fat foods diet, or a too much protein and too many carbohydrates diet, are likely to become overweight and this does not facilitate the digestive process.

These conditions often lead to the appearance of constipation, which is a cause as well as a symptom of hemorrhoids.

What causes hemorrhoids?

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In our body there are bearings positioned in the anal rectal region, which perform a containment actions and help during the evacuation. It is hemorrhoids, a rich of veins sections and highly vascular zone, who for various reasons can get irritated and thus increase their size up even to get out of their seat and prolapse outside.

We are talking about the so-called hemorrhoidal disease, a disease that affects 20% of the world population and which can be caused by many different factors. Analyze them together to understand what and how you can avoid to prevent the problem.

What to eat to fight Hemorrhoids

Alimentazione Emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem, affecting the 20% of the world population. It is a problem that affects the bearings positioned near the anus, which are rich in nerve endings and blood vessels, which for various reasons become enlarged and can therefore get to prolapse. Hemorrhoids can be caused by a plurality of factors, but between the main ones we put the wrong feeding.

These are issues related to the choice of foods and poor eating habits such as eating too many fatty foods, and the introduction of low-fiber, vitamins and minerals. Hemorrhoids can be amplified due to the intake of particularly spicy foods and even alcoholic drinks, and much can be done to prevent and treat this problem through proper nutrition.