Which are natural preparations useful for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects many people in the world, which can be effectively countered by adopting a healthy diet and supplementing the nutrition with natural products specially formulated to improve the intestinal transit and strengthen the digestive system. In particular, the nature offers to those suffering from this issue some ingredients, which aim to combat a major cause of the occurrence of the problem, or the obstinate constipation.

In nature it is possible to find out many useful products for this purpose, such as psyllium. It is used from ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine and is extracted from the plant Plantago, very widespread in the northern regions of India. The peel of this miracle of nature consists of pure cellulose, which acts on the intestine, making the stool more spongy and then soft. Psyllium also helps promoting peristalsis, an the automatic process that moves food into the digestive tract, thus facilitating the correct intestinal transit.

This is a very important natural substance for the health and wellness of organism, because it also helps to maintain low cholesterol levels in the blood and to normalize the levels of sugars. Psyllium is not addictive, as can happen with many stimulants evacuation, because its action is purely mechanical.

The beneficial action of psyllium is associated with the function of Cascara Sagrada, a plant that is used from time immemorial as a laxative. Often its action is exploited in the event of forced evacuation to surgical or invasive tests operations, because its action is manifested about twelve hours after taking. If calibrated in the right dose, this plant can, however, act calmly and lazy bowel benefit and then implement a contrast of effective and natural constipation.

Among the many remedies provided by nature to human we can consider Guar Gum, a polysaccharide extracted from Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, a very particular type of legume. This is a very special substance, due to its natural viscosity allows to increase gastric emptying and prolong the intestinal absorption of nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and sodium. Not surprisingly, this plant is used by Ayurvedic medicine and also from the tradition in the treatment of obesity, because you can not feel the sense of hunger, but at the same time working effectively to improve the intestinal transit.

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