How to Cure External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are homonyms swellings bearings positioned in the anal rectal area which, for various reasons, are swelling in the wall section, and then become painful and can prolapse out of their seats.

In this case we speak of external hemorrhoids, a problem that affects many people around the world and asks to be resolved to avoid worsening. There are various types of treatments for external hemorrhoids, such as manual, pharmacology, natural and even outpatient ones; we analyze them together to understand the benefits and weaknesses of each of them.

External hemorrhoids are divided into II stage III and IV, according to their gravity. When they are on the second stage, the treatment can be topical and internal type, or provide for a mix of products that try to quell the areas, and to eliminate the burning and itching and at the same time to improve the resistance of venous walls.

At the same time, it can be implemented a cure for external hemorrhoids acting orally, performed with painkillers or with substances such as aspirin, which in addition to assuage the pain is responsible for implementing an important muscle relaxation.

Pharmacological products dedicated to the treatment of external hemorrhoids may contain cortisone or hydrocortisone, a steroid substance certainly effective, but that can not be used in combination with other drugs and that could cause allergies and sensitization in the treated areas.

Cortisone can not be used during pregnancy because it may bring harm to the fetus, so people who do not like this drug may require an alternative topical solutions, who can cure the external hemorrhoids with active ingredients with different content.

Who does not want to take medication, and research a natural cure for external hemorrhoids can rely on the topical preparations available on the market, which base their effectiveness on items such as calendula, aloe vera, horse chestnut and even the hamamelis.

These plants are able to soothe the pain and to quell the states of burning or tingling of the areas, rebuilding damaged tissues and strengthen venous walls. At the same time, people who love the natural solutions may choose to implement targeted dietary supplement, made from red fruits like blueberry and substances such as red wine that deal with improving the microcirculation and intensively protect walls venous.

In this way, the cure for external hemorrhoids acts in two ways, because on one side the natural cure carefully loosening the painful effects, and at the same time it applies a general strengthening of the areas affected by this troublesome disease.

It may happen that the topical and oral remedies do not give acceptable results in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. In these cases, usually the most severe stage III and IV, it is necessary to require manual intervention, which is responsible for storing in the hemorrhoids and then to implement a recovery with targeted products once they have returned home.

Manual ligation is proposed as one of the most effective treatments for external hemorrhoids. The doctor uses a garter and fixes it to the bases of the same hemorrhoids, so that the blood can no longer flow to the affected area and hemorrhoids fall so necrosis, or die atrophied. It is an outpatient procedure, which ends with the elastic fall and the subsequent wound healing.

The most severe hemorrhoids can be cured with hospital surgery, among which we include the laser treatment, cryotherapy in charge of burning the zone with frost induced by nitrogen, or, in extreme cases, all you need to make hemorrhoidectomy, or surgical removal of the affected area.

In any case, it is important to seek advice from your doctor, as the external hemorrhoids are a problem that should never be underestimated. If the prolapse of the area is associated with bleeding, it is important to understand what is the cause, if the same hemorrhoids or anal fissures, or different problems.

It is essential to overcome all fear and embarrassment and visit a doctor who can analyze the situation and then choose the best therapy to solve the problem definitively.

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