How to Cure External Hemorrhoids

cure emorroidi

Hemorrhoids are bearings that are located on the rectal area, which act as containers and which help the evacuation. Their function is important but, for various reasons, they can swell in the walls, and then become sore, up to prolapse outside in the most serious cases.

External hemorrhoids are, in fact, stage II of the disease, or occur when the bearings protrude from their original location.

What are the remedies for external hemorrhoids?

First, it is important to clarify that external hemorrhoids are a problem that must be promptly treated, primarily because they are very painful and secondly because the longer you wait, the more the problem becomes severe and difficult to treat.

Here are remedies for external hemorrhoids; they are mainly based on the assumption of external ointments that help soothing the pain and irritated areas. People are free to choose the remedies they prefer for external hemorrhoids, since it is possible to meet many kinds on the market.

The first action to take when you notice a prolapse of hemorrhoids is immediately go to the doctor, and ask to analyze the affected area to proceed on an informed basis, to implement a perfect cure to solve the problem.

Your doctor may choose to advise of ointments or creams, cortisone or hydrocortisone, a steroid that definitely works so fast, but it can raise the treated area and also give rise to allergies in the treated areas.

So if you do not want to use ointments or cortisone-based creams it is ideal to ask your doctor for a preparation that does not contain it, but who can take advantage of different and alternative ingredients. At the same time, the hemorrhoids are treated with local anesthetic, with substances that may contain Benzocaine, Fluocortolone and Lidocaine and substances such as Tetrcaina or Oxetaina hydrochloride to implement an action local anesthetic.

Other solutions are based on the use of synthesized yeast and other substances who can calm the irritation and then soothe the affected areas.

Who does not love pharmacological solutions and want rely on natural remedies can try using natural creams or ointments, such as calendula, true aloe, horse chestnut, witch hazel and helichrysum. These are plants that serve a dual action: soothing and softening of the treated areas and regenerating tissues compromises.

Surely natural remedies do not propose contraindications such as drug products, but their use demand patience and perseverance, since their action is slower but equally effective.

The remedies for external hemorrhoids are particularly topical kind, but many people also take aspirin to ease the pain and to relax the muscles. There are also practices manually performed, such as the one to reintroduce the prolapsed hemorrhoids, to bring them back into their place and then implement a definitively healing.

In the most difficult prolapsed hemorrhoids cases you may act via an intervention called ligament. The ligament is performed by means of an elastic which is attached to the base of the hemorrhoid. The ligament not let blood flow to hemorrhoid and causes necrosis of the area. In this way the hemorrhoids “die” and it solves the problem definitively.

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